Apply for a Scholarship

  • Applicant must successfully complete a substance abuse program (therapeutic, administrative, AMA discharges are grounds for disqualification).

  • Applicant has no other financial resources (personal funds, supportive family willing/able to help with costs).

  • Applicant is not receiving funding assistance from any other program (i.e., drug and alcohol county assistance).

    • If eligible for other funding, The Mighty Mehal Foundation should be considered payer of last resort. If county assistance program doesn’t allocate their moneys for whatever reason, The Mighty Mehal Foundation will then award moneys.

  • Applicant must be accepted into recovery house located in Lancaster County, Pa.

  • Applicant must maintain continuous residence for a period of 7 days at the recovery house to receive scholarship.

    • Scholarship to be made payable directly to house.

    • If recipient is asked to leave recovery house on temporary or permanent basis, recipient forfeits scholarship funds.

  • Proof of financial need: If applicant has less than $250.00 in bank account, he/she is eligible for assistance.

  • Applicant is expected to follow all rules/regulations/guidelines of the recovery house where he/she will reside.

  • The Mighty Mehal Foundation will award a maximum of one scholarship per month.

    • The scholarship will be a flat monetary amount of $500.00 paid directly to the recovery house where the applicant will reside.

    • Recovery house is expected to refund any unused moneys if scholarship recipient leaves recovery house within 7 days.

  • Applicant will provide a written statement of intent to explain why they should be receive a scholarship.

Send your completed application to